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Academy of Show Choir Professionals

The Show Choir industry has long needed an organized association to provide unity, support and compliance. That day has finally arrived! Here at FAME we have taken the task of providing a national forum for all industry professionals. The plan going forward is as follows:


1. Join the Academy of Show Choir Professionals (ASCP) by completing this form along with a $25 annual membership fee (a student membership is available for $1 each). 


2. Submit "Aspire" nominations by January 15 each year.


3. Open voting for "Aspire" nominees from January 15 to April 15 each year (there will be two voting categories - one for ASCP professional members and one for ASCP student members).


5. Beginning on May 1, 2016, nominees for an ASCP advisory board will open via this website.


4. In June of 2016, an ASCP advisory board will be created from those nominees consisting of five members from the educational side (directors) and 3 from the industry side (choreographers, arrangers, costumers, etc.).


5. An annual board meeting will take place in July of each year with flights and lodging for board members provided from the membership dues.


6. FAME will act in an administrative role to assit and manage the Academy.



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