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About the SCNCS and the producer FAME:

FAME was born in 1996 with its first Show Choir Competition in Branson, Missouri. This inaugural program launched FAME as the leader in Show Choir festival production. Since its founding, FAME has been led by its President Joel Biggs and Vice President Bert Johnson. Many others have contributed to FAME's success most notably, Chris Meeker, Lori Marcum, Jeremy Biggs, Ron Stowell, Teina Woodburn, Katy Walmsley, Sara Rogers, and Cherish Walser. We have worked with many great adjudicators and industry professionals over the years. Mike Weaver, Sandy Cordes, David Moellenkamp, Tim Shew, Pete Eckland, Valorie Liphold Mack,  Susan Moninger, Damon Brown, Nancy Allen, Kevin Breazeale, Keith Currington and many more.  We have also helped young and aspiring decorators and emcees get a leg up in the industry, such as Rand Lesueur and Chad Alexander. FAME took its production quality  to another level when they hired Brydon Brett as Master of Ceremonies for our Championship event. His stage presence, and ability to captivate the audience as a young talented entertainer continues to thrill our audiences and participants alike.  


 By 2000, FAME had expanded its competition series into 5 cities including Orlando, New York, Chicago, Branson and Los Angeles. This national competition series was soon branded as FAME's National Show Choir Championship Series. These events featured the nations top show choirs and culminated in a National Finals Round which crowned the new National Champion. This series is in force today. Hosted in the Genesee Theatre, Hard Rock Live!, Manhattan Center Studios, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Polynesian Cultural Center, the Luckman Theatre or the Branson Event's Center, the top high school show choirs have followed in the footsteps of other great artists who have performed on these same stages. 


Three essential philosophies are woven into the foundation of each of our events: ENCOURAGE INNOVATION, INSPIRE CREATIVITY, and REWARD EXCELLENCE.  While rules and regulations are important to ensure fair competition and are an integral part of our programs, they should never be so rigid as to prohibit the artistic expression of our participants.

While other organizations promote competitions held in hotels or in High School gyms in order to reduce costs to participate, but also greatly diminishes the performance experience - FAME is committed to providing the very best competition production on professional stages in state of the art venues. If your student performers want to get a glimpse of what its' like to perform at the highest level like a  professional entertainer then FAME should be your destination. 


Adjudicators are selected from among the most respected professionals in music education and the entertainment industry. EJUDICATOR, our innovative, computerized scoring program is a proven scoring system which was developed by first by FAME  and has been tested over the past decade. The program has been refined to ensure consistency and integrity in scoring.  Adjudication is based on vocal production, visual production, show production and music production.


Our show choir competitions are national events. Therefore, there is no discrimination as to the size or level of a school program. In the event there are three or more unisex or prep groups at an event, a separate division will be created.  If there is only one or two unisex or prep groups, they will compete against the mixed groups and be eligible for finals.


The Show Choir National Championship Series was developed to provide a “true” national champion! Six qualifying events take place in Hollywood, Orlando (two weekends), New York, Chicago, and Branson. The top three mixed and top two single-gender show choirs from each WORLD CLASS DIVISION at each event will be invited to participate in the National Show Choir Finals the last weekend in April. In addition, qualified groups that have not competed at one of the qualifying events "may" apply to compete at the Show Choir National Finals.


In addition to producing competitions for the most experienced show choirs, a separate OPEN CLASS DIVISION is available to the novice-to-intermediate groups. This division allows for competition at a WORLD CLASS event but compete against groups at your own level. Lastly we produce the SHOW CHOIR SUMMIT for the non-competitive show choir looking to improve their craft and for the beginning show choir seeking the tools to get started. This one-day workshop can be scheduled at your school.


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