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FAME's Production Team

Joel Biggs

Joel H Biggs - President & CEO

Joel is A twenty year veteran of educational travel and event production. He is a Lowell Mason Fellow - the highest honor presented by the National Association for Music Education. He a product of school music having participated in both band and choir in high school and college and recognized by the United States Marine Band as an outstanding student musician. Joel earned a Bachelor of Arts from Arizona State University and has also received an MBA. He sits on the board of various education, community and professional organizations.

Bert Johnson

Bert D Johnson - Vice President & Executive Producer

Bert is a respected producer of music festivals and events having over twenty years of experience. He is a music teacher, arranger and performer. He produces FAME's SCNCS program, as well as other Sound Events and Festivals. Bert has received a Bachelor of Science degree along with numerous certifications and commendations. Bert has been the recipient of many honors and awards ifor outstanding event management and customer service.  

Jeremy Biggs

Chris Meeker

Lori Marcum

Marcus Ellsworth

Cherish Walser

Teina Woodburn

Jeremy Biggs - Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy, is a veteran of the industry and understands that only a healthy organization can deliver a high quality program. Jeremy in an experienced financial anylist and manager. He provides oversite and quality control while ensuring that customers are recieving the highest quality program for the best price. Jeremy has a Bachelor or Science degree along with numerous industry and professional certifications and distinctions. 

Chris Meeker - Vice President & Executive Producer

Chris is an experienced producer of special events and festivals including the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade, D-Day Parade, and the American Musical Salute Program, in addition to numerours ceremonies, concerts and tributes around the world. Chris was instrumental in the success of the MENC National Anthem Project. Chris has earned Bachelors degree and numerous certifications and commendations.

Lori Marcum - Producer

As our Senior Festival Producer, Lori is responsible for the management of festival and event logistics. Lori has a long history of festival event production and organizational management. She has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Lori has a love of music and is an accomplished pianist and music teacher.

Marcus Ellsworth - Stage Manager

Marcus serves as Stage Manager at the FAME Competitions. He has past experience as a producer of events with FAME over the years. Currently he is the Director of the Drama Department at Heritage Academy in Laveen, AZ and is the CEO of Actor's Youth Theatre in Mesa, AZ. He holds a Bachelor and Master's degree from Arizona State University.

Cherish Walser - Associate Producer

Cherish is an Associate Producer at FAME. She earned a Bachelors degree in hospitality management from Brigham Young University. She has managed hundreds of groups over the years and has assisted in their tour planning aspects. She is a valuable asset to the FAME team as she provides support and management skills at all of our events.

Teina Woodburn - Associate Producer

Teina is a 30 year veteran in the tourism industry in Branson, Missouri.  Over the last twenty years she was a Senior Sales Manager with the Herschend Family Entertainment Company – a world-class organization.  She has worked with music legends, Veteran heroes and up-and-coming artists, and groups of all kinds - especially military and students groups.  With her sales, marketing and National Trade Show experience, Teina is an integral part of our team in building and maintaining excellent relationships with our travel professional partners.

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