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Show Choir National Finals Format & Qualification


The Show Choir National Championship Series presented by FAME each spring will remain in force as a qualifying structure for the National Finals. Choirs placing in the top four Mixed and top two Single Gender Show Choirs at FAME New York, FAME Orlando, FAME Chicago or FAME Branson  will receive an automatic bid to the National Finals. Show Choirs that are unable to compete at a FAME competition may still qualify at large by meeting one of the following requirements:


  • Immediate past National Champion or National First Runner-UP

  • Grand Champion at a sanctioned* Regional Show Choir Competition

  • Submit Application with audition for review by selection committee


(*SCNCS Sanctioned competitions may qualify each year by submitting their participant list which will allow the sanctioning review committee to validate the level of competition at the event. See list of sanctioned events here.)


Participation fees are determined by the method in which a show choir qualifies to participate in the National Finals. By virtue of their prior investment with FAME for a qualifying competition, those qualifying at a FAME SCNCS event will pay only $50 per participant for National Finals, while those qualifying at large will pay $199 to participate in the National Finals.


While there are still advantages to participating with FAME in the qualifying round, including more opportunities to qualify for participation in the National Finals, this modified selection format will ensure that the world’s top show choirs will compete on one stage and solidify our mission to provide an official Finals Competition that will determine the legitimate Show Choir National Champion each year.


Those needing local accommodations can book rooms on their own. However we have reserved some space at centrally located hotels or perimeter hotels that you may choose to use.  


The SCNF takes place on Saturday. The morning is reserved for load in and sound checks. The afternoon is reserved for the Unisex and Mixed Group competitions.  The following schedule is subject to change depending on the number of participating groups:


Saturday, April 25 –

Upon your arrival at the Mansion Theater, you will be greeted by your assigned FAME staff representative and escorted into the theater. They will assist you with load in, prop and costume storage, etc.


Saturday morning is reserved for sound checks. The purpose of this is for every show choir to have opportunity to become familiar with the stage, sound, lighting as well as the theater flow.  You will have 15 minutes to perform part of your set. Although your participation for the sound check is encouraged, you may elect not to participate. Sound checks will not be adjudicated. An additional SCNF Format Letter outlining further detail will be sent prior to the event.


Competition for both the unisex and mixed show choirs will begin Saturday afternoon.  It is anticipated that the day will conclude with an awards ceremony at approximately 10:00pm. The award to the top show choir’s including the presentation of the Show Choir Cup will be awarded to a new “National Champion”. In addition, the Aspire Awards will be presented throughout the day for industry professionals. 

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