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About FAME

FAME Events, a division of Capital Management Group, Inc., is the national leader in  providing premier concert choir and show choir competitions, hosted each year in the nation’s most popular destinations.  We have been producing youth music events for 20 years. Our emphasis on education, coupled with our industry relationships and professionally managed tours and events, have earned us the reputation of being the most reliable and respected in the industry.


As members in good standing of the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA), we have exceeded the standards required by the association, which include but are not limited to a strict code of ethics, a minimum number of student tour participants annually and sound financial stability.


In the business of operating student tours, FLEXIBILITY is a key element of success. This is true as it applies to the GROUP as well as the TOUR OPERATOR or PRODUCER. We understand that in the dynamic world we live in, things are certain to change. We take pride in the ability to adjust and modify situations as they present themselves, whether it’s new policies at the airport, a motorcoach mechanical problem, construction on a route, strikes for museum employees, etc. We are always a step ahead of the group. We will anticipate a problem and make the proper adjustments in order to ensure a well-run tour.  Employees are trained to be able to think quickly on their feet, anticipate difficulties before they happen, and be problem solvers. 


Our memberships include the National Tour Association (NTA), American Bus Association (ABA), Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA), National Association of Music Education (NAFME), Better Business Bureau, ASTA, CLIA, and the International Festival and Events Association among others that both ensure our credibility and benefit our customers. 





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